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Mobile Phone Repair and Service

Tempered Point Mobile Phone Services has been making homes more comfortable and attractive for more than 10+ years. We can refresh the interior of your home with a small change — empered Point Mobile Phone Services also does expert Mobile Phones , like – Apple – Samsung – Huawei – Xiaomi – OnePlus – Oppo – Vivo – Motorola – Sony – LG – Nokia – Google (Pixel) – HTC – Lenovo – ASUS – BlackBerry – Realme – Honor – Meizu ZTE . And we do free in-home consultations, provide a project coordinator who oversees all phases of the work and guarantee your satisfaction.

Mobile Phone Repair and Service

Welcome To Customer Support Mobile Phone – Repair and Service Mobile ...

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Appliance Repair and Service in Bangalore

Highly Trained mechanic's

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Appliance Repair and Service in Bangalore

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We provide prompt, economical and efficient services support to our customer during installation and commissioning for under warranty or post warranty products.We also undertake the repair of control instruments at very.

Appliance Repair and Service in Bangalore

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Our mantra for success is single-fold customer satisfaction, if not delight. We not only strive to deliver further, better and quicker; but also listen actively to feedback we receive from our customers to try and enhance our service delivery experience.


Mobile phone repair and service can be categorized into various types based on the specific issues or services provided. Here are some common categories:

  1. Screen Repair/Replacement: This category includes services related to cracked or damaged screens. It involves repairing or replacing the display screen of the mobile phone.

  2. Battery Replacement: Battery-related services involve replacing the device’s battery when it no longer holds a charge or exhibits issues such as rapid battery drain or random shutdowns.

  3. Water Damage Repair: Water damage repair focuses on fixing mobile phones that have been exposed to water or other liquids. Technicians attempt to dry and clean the internal components and repair any damages caused by the liquid.

  4. Software Troubleshooting: Services in this category deal with software-related issues, such as operating system problems, app crashes, software updates, and system optimizations.

  5. Charging Port Repair/Replacement: Charging port repairs involve fixing or replacing the port where the device is plugged in for charging or data transfer. This service is required when the charging port becomes loose, damaged, or unresponsive.

  6. Camera Repair/Replacement: Camera-related services address issues with the device’s front or rear camera, including blurry images, camera app crashes, or faulty camera modules that need repair or replacement.

  7. Speaker/Microphone Repair/Replacement: This category involves repairing or replacing speakers or microphones that are not functioning properly. Issues can include low sound volume, distorted audio, or no sound output.

  8. Motherboard Repair: Motherboard repair is a complex service that deals with issues related to the device’s main circuit board. This includes repairing or replacing faulty components, resolving power-related issues, and fixing connectivity problems.

  9. Unlocking/IMEI Services: Unlocking services involve removing carrier restrictions from a device, allowing it to be used with different network providers. IMEI services deal with issues related to the unique identifier of the device.

  • Book Appointment Now, for a time that works best for you.

  • We’ll diagnose and explain the issue, and repair the Device.

  • Maintenance work is covered by a 30-days satisfaction guarantee.

  • Register/ Inquiry for Mobile Phone Repair and  Service

  • Within 20 Minutes Call from our Customer Support

  • You will get service Ref id through SMS & Mail within 5min

  • Our Technician will call before visit your place

  • Within 1 or 2 Hour Our Technician visit

  • Don’t Pay Advance to Technician & inform us if they ask

  • Make the payment once the service is done

  • Taxes and duties as applicable shall be extra.

  • We are specialist in All Mobile Phone device.

  • Call or email us if same issue occured after repair

  • Our Customer Support in working Hours (8 AM  to 9 PM) Only*

  • Give Feedback for Better Service


Appliance Repair and Service in Bangalore

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Tempered Point Mobile phone repair and service involves the process of diagnosing and fixing issues with mobile phones to restore their functionality and performance. It encompasses a wide range of services aimed at resolving various hardware and software problems that can occur with mobile devices. Here’s a detailed description of mobile phone repair and service: by Experts at Door. Certified Expert Technicians are Always Ready with Their Equipment’s to Visit at Your Doorstep.

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No. 242 Nandana Plaza, Ground Floor 9th Main, 17th Cross, 17th Cross Rd, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

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